Outback Steakhouse – Hidden Fat

One of the most amazing things to me is not knowing what you’re eating. For someone that prepares very little food for oneself, I always get a kick out of finding these little surprises.

Outback 9oz steak with the add-on shrimp (which I already knew were covered in butter): 611 calories, 32.6 grams of fat.

House salad with their seemingly harmless sounding “Mustard Vinaigrette” dressing (my initial choice): 498 calories, 43.4 grams of fat!

Take out the dressing and the fat for the salad goes down to 14.2. So at Outback, “Mustard Vinaigrette” means 29.2 grams of fat. The greeter who holds the door open for you should have this on her nametag.

Here are the details broken down for just the dressings:

Never had it before, but it looks like I’ll be trying the Tangy Tomato tonight.