A perfect example of why I can’t keep a bag of potato chips in my apartment

Important notes about privacy law here in this Ars Technica story titled: Why the US needs a data privacy law—and why it might finally get one by Justin Brookman.

  • the United States and Turkey are the only developed nations in the world without a comprehensive law protecting consumer privacy
  • corporate privacy policies tend to be legalistic and vague, reserving rights to use, sell, or share your information while not really describing the company’s practices
  • This black box into which our data flows is bad for consumers, but it’s increasingly an impediment to US businesses as well.

Yes, that last point is the point. Consumers want sites to be free (to use, not Braveheart). Businesses need a way to make money but if let alone will surely go overboard in their tactics to raise revenue. They will shoot themselves in the foot if too many consumers get fed up and install things like Ghostery and AdBlock.

Chips are so damn tasty. I know if i buy them at the store, I’ve made a commitment to devouring the bag. So I just try not to buy them.

Binge and Purge is not exactly a recommended form of Self-regulation.