Foursquare for the lonely

A couple of stories about Foursquare this week. For one, they are trying to make their service valuable to more than just bar-hoppers by offering incentives for people who check-in at a Red-Box.

But also this week Foursquare launched a nice-looking new Android app.

I like that they now let your sift thtough all specials in the nearby area (see image).

That’s a nice step towards monetization.

How about another idea… the same way they sort venues and listings within a certain geographical area (ie, find all bars within three miles), another great feature would be to scan where the most populated places are at the moment.

So for example, if you could do a 25 mile radius search for everything and then find out what the top places for checkins are within the last hour or so.

It would basically tell you what you’re missing.

And that’s about as great of an audience that Foursquare could find to sell to businesses. People, essentially, looking for something to do.