If Twitter’s CSS framework Bootstrap actually catches on…

If Twitter’s CSS framework Bootstrap actually catches on, it will go a long way to unite the web and let us move on to more important problems.

Much like how jQuery has turned knowing JavaScript into just having to know a certain level of JavaScript, Bootstrap will be a common foundation for everyone writing CSS.

So, for example, you could have a bland WordPress theme that is written on a foundation of Bootstrap (eager to see how this goes.) that users could customize with a separate css file that is loaded after.

This touches on something I thought about a couple of weeks ago when making the point that writing HTML and HTML5 were not the same thing.

With tools like Bootstrap, our time spent on startup that used to take the first three or five hours of a project may now be up and running in five minutes. Which is good, because we’ll need that extra time to deal with Responsive Design/Development.

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