Competition for Ticketmaster!

I’m rooting for AEG here as they have launched their own ticketing website.

Two huge pluses for the new product:

The service lets you buy tickets at the theater’s or arena’s own website rather than linking you to a ticket website, like Ticketmaster. And it shows all the fees upfront, says Gary Bongiovanni of the concert trade magazine Pollstar.

Dealing with Ticketmaster was/is maddening.
They have no API. Zero. Not allowed.

Everything links off to their website and the venues can’t/don’t get analytics on general traffic, lost conversions and also can’t run campaign codes or just about anything else that would give the venues an indication on how a certain program is doing. Other than sales, of course. But as we know now, that’s not enough.

Here’s the new ticket site: AXS. I haven’t even clicked on anything yet inside of it and already I love the location detection.

There was a great article in Wired Magazine about a year ago fully detailing the issues with Ticketmaster.

Yes they are stable. No that’s no longer enough.
Good luck to AEG.