Time Warner and Viacom fued

One of the craziest tech stories I’ve read in a while.

Time Warner to Subsidize Subscribers’ TV Device

Time Warner Cable’s free Slingbox offer likely to rankle networks

Basically, Time Warner was offering its paying customers the ability to use an iPad in order stream tv channels within the home. Using the iPad as another set-top box.

But Viacom didn’t like that, so they forced Time Warner to remove the feature.

Then Time Warner launched a new deal for customers!

Order their top-tier internet service, and they’ll give you a $300 rebate for a brand new SlingBox.

A SlingBox lets anyone watch their home tv anywhere they can get an internet connection.

So you can be in Japan, and fire up your SlingBox app on your iPad and watch all the Comedy Central you want from the comfort of your dojo.