Twitter is using accounts to aggregate NFL team tweets

Based on this Wednesday release on the Twitter blog, it looks like the company is taking control over 32 NFL related accounts and will be retweeting relevant content for each team.

Your all-access pass to the NFL

We’ve also made it easy to discover new football-related information with Twitter accounts for each team in the NFL. These accounts automatically select and retweet the top Tweets from official team accounts, coaches, players, owners and local media — bringing you the latest Tweets from your favorite team.

East: The Washington Redskins [@RedskinsTweets], the Philadelphia Eagles [@EaglesTweets], the New York Giants [@GiantsTweets], the Dallas Cowboys [@CowboysTweets]

And so on… down the league.

Here’s my hometown team’s account: @BuccaneerTweets.

An interesting concept. And one that I experimented a bit with the Lightning. I ran ours out of a list.
Lightning Game Night.

Noteworthy that Twitter has chosen to go with an account here and not a list. I wonder if there’s more to it than just the simple fact that lists are primarily for power users.

Also, with lists, their history available by apps (even Twitter’s own) seems to be capped at around 6 or 8 hours where with accounts you can usually just keep scrolling back in time for days and days.