Spotify – Alt Nation playlist

UPDATE: As of April 18, allows Spotify embeds so here’s this one:

Subscribe here: Alt Nation’s Top 18 Countdown on Spotify


Rented a car this weekend for an out of town wedding (photos).
Car had SiriusXM, which I haven’t listened to since they left DirecTV.

Forgotten how I used to rely on certain stations for new music discovery.
Social isn’t there just yet. At least not since oink was closed.

Stumbled upon the Alt Nation most requested countdown and heard one of my favorite new songs on there (Punching In A Dream, by The Naked and Famous).

Looked online yesterday and was pleased to see that Alt Nation posts their Top 18 Countdown on their website.

So I’ve made a spotify playlist of all the available songs of the 18. (Today, only two were missing from Spotify’s library.) I’ll try to keep up.

Alt Nation’s Top 18 Countdown on Spotify

Would be nice if Alt Nation maintained their own list. But I’m not sure if that would lead to more or fewer service signups. Would at least be worth trying on their part. And maybe they could use a collaborative playlist to help shape their on-air programming.