Kryptonite for Subscription Services

Even with the recent launch of products like Google Music, subscription-based services like Netflix or Spotify will be tough to beat.

Here’s what can beat them: disappearing content. Months ago, I cancelled my Netflix service not just because of cost increases, but because they lost their Starz deal.

And now lately with Spotify, I’ve noticed more and more that songs have just plain gone missing from playlists that I had set up.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

As all content is licensed from a number of rights holders there are cases where a rights holder asks for content to be withdrawn. This can happen in some cases where the rights are sold to another rights holder, perhaps one we don’t have an agreement with yet, or if a rights holder has decided to not license music to ad-funded streaming services any longer. This can create a gap where Spotify doesn’t have the music for a while. We promise that we’ll try to get the music back!

Imagine working for three or four hours getting the perfect Christmas Eve dinner music playlist together and then showing up that night to learn that some of your songs are no longer available. This gap has me considering Google Music.