Is it time for multiple Twitter accounts?

Not long ago, I wrote a argument advocating that brands (specifically in this case, sports teams) should create multiple Twitter accounts to serve a variety of purposes.

Now with the release of the new, new Twitter, I’m wondering if I need multiple accounts for myself.

To be clear, these accounts are more to sort who I follow, not who follows me. And that’s a problem because no one should really be following me! But Twitter is putting how I use their service in to a corner.

It’s clearly obvious that the direction of new, new Twitter is monetization. They are pushing “Discover” to the fore-front because they see the money in TV and live event partnerships (see: #Glee).

But my use of Twitter is 60% spent in Lists. I need them to sort how I read who I follow. I don’t want every NHL beat writer filling up my main feed all day long. But at night, when there are games being played I’m tuned in to that list more than my main feed. And since it’s currently the baseball off-season, I really don’t need to hear the daily minutia… but come March I’ll be all over my baseball list.

It’s too bad Twitter seems to be emphasizing use of Lists. I hate feeling like there’s a difference to people I Follow and people I List. I’ve already heard “Why aren’t you following me” and tried to explain that I read them more in a list than I would as a follow. It doesn’t help.

I rely on Twitter for discovery, so I need filters. In the absence of real filters, I use lists.