A Winning Super Bowl Prediction

A friend commented to me that she thought it was funny that for all the things I’ve done and experienced, this was the one I labeled as being most surreal. But to me it was.

I’ve listened to the Brian Lehrer Show on a daily basis for the last… oh 10 years or so. Maybe a little less, but not much. The names that appear on his show are as big as you can find. The show’s programming is a perfect combination of national, international and New York news.

And thanks to a near-perfect Super Bowl prediction, I had the honor and pleasure of being a guest on the Brian Lehrer show on Monday.

Not just a call-in, but a guest.

With a guest page: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/bl/2012/feb/06/justen-fox-super-bowl-prediction-winner/

And even a spot in the show’s rundown:

That’s me, sandwiched in between a former US Ambassador to the UN and the guy who once worked at Google and led the organization of the Egyptian Revolution.

Surreal, indeed.

My segment was cut short for time – no surprise – and I didn’t get to say a whole lot. In my mind, I had over-prepared for Brian’s questions. I had to. He’s as good as it gets. So as things turned out, I didn’t get to say everything I had wanted.

Like how all the credit of knowing how the game would be played has to go to knowing how to follow and listen to the right people. For me, those people were:

  • Will Carroll, Sports Illustrated, for his injury news- specifically on how / what Rob Gronkowski was going to be able to do on Sunday.
  • Bill Barnwell, formerly a writer for Football Outsiders and currently for Grantland, for the best in-depth game analysis that can be found.
  • Mike Mayock, analyst for NFL Network for being the best on TV at the art of scouting.

But instead of saying all that, the only thing I got out there for the world to hear was my love for Kelly Clarkson. And that’s just great.

PS – One of the greatest joys of the experience was being able to tweet “I’m going to be a guest” and then have it retweeted by Brian’s account – just like I see happen every day in my feed for all of the ‘REAL guests on the show. Me:nerd.