Google Calendar for your website

Am I the only one who uses Google Calendar on a daily basis? I can’t be. It’s just a great feature of Android phones… surely others have their Calendar widget on their home screen like I do, right?

So why do I always have to manually enter in my event information?
Why don’t websites have a “Add To Google Calendar” button just like they have buttons for everything else in the world?

Google seems to make this option quite simple to implement.
They’ve got this page:

And when you look closely at the code it outputs for you, it would be pretty simple to tie in to a CMS.

<a href="
&sprop=name:Website for Food"
<img src="//" alt="0" border="0"></a>

Obviously, the whitespace here is mine – it’s easier to read.

And here’s the output:

So, Techmeme… thanks for your new calendar.
How about some ‘add to Google Calendar’ buttons please?

And Facebook, I’ll say it again, you guys are missing out. You want to make a big impact on mobile, get more involved in building out your events!