A process problem with your mobile site

I’m reading this New Yorker story on George Holtz.
It’s nice.
I want to add it to instapaper.
I’m on a ferry to the Brooklyn Ikea.
So I google search for the article on my mobile phone – with the intension of saving it to instapaper.

Two problems:

    1. This is not a sustainable process. I’ll only really do this for articles I really, really want to remember. But, hey, at least I finally found my first good need for a QR code.
    2. The New Yorker site sent me to their m.newyorker.com version of the article.

I hate mobile websites. I mean, I love being able to read a site on my non-laptop/desktop device (NLDD?) but I hate m.*.com sites. I won’t say they break the web… even though they just might… but they certainly break my process. You can’t build the web to think it knows better than you do. This is the equivalent of those car radios that turn themselves down when you slow your car speed. And that’s for old people.

There are so many reasons that your website should be responsive to the device that it is being shown on. This is just one of many.

UPDATE: A day later, this gets posted: Mobile URLs vs. Single URLs: Making The Right Decision For Your Company but the “don’t like” columns here read more like challenges than anything else.