Facebook IPO

Since today is the day, people are freaking out all over again about one thing: is it worth it?

So I hear stories like this: Pizza Delicious Bought An Ad On Facebook. How’d They Do?.

“Maybe at some point, the new Pizza Delicious fans will show up and buy some pizza. But social advertising is so new that nobody knows for sure. It’s still unproven, untested and largely unstudied.”

So this Pizza Delicious company blanketed all of New Orleans with their Facebook ad. For $240 they got that kind of exposure. Ever do a media buy for a billboard at the busiest spot in town? A one-time fee of $240 is a windfall for a small business like that. And how many people do you think have clicked on your street-side billboard?

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and all this is separate from the reality that FB’s real monetary future is tied to credits/currency and not advertising.