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    Waiting for licensing, not technology 

    Great quote here about how live streaming innovation is being held up not by technology, but by legality:

    If there’s one thing that I learned this weekend, it’s that the technology for distributing live streams of popular content like NFL games is fully baked, but access to those streams is being held back by contractual obligations.

    From Ryan Lawler of GigaOm’s story: http://gigaom.com/video/streaming-the-nfl/

    For many NHL fans, most of your favorite team’s preseason games are being played right now in virtual darkness. The games are not likely to be televised, are likely to be played in a non-NHL city far away from your home and, because of RSN contract rights, can’t be streamed on the teams’ websites.

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    Twitter is using accounts to aggregate NFL team tweets 

    Based on this Wednesday release on the Twitter blog, it looks like the company is taking control over 32 NFL related accounts and will be retweeting relevant content for each team.

    Your all-access pass to the NFL

    We’ve also made it easy to discover new football-related information with Twitter accounts for each team in the NFL. These accounts automatically select and retweet the top Tweets from official team accounts, coaches, players, owners and local media — bringing you the latest Tweets from your favorite team.

    East: The Washington Redskins [@RedskinsTweets], the Philadelphia Eagles [@EaglesTweets], the New York Giants [@GiantsTweets], the Dallas Cowboys [@CowboysTweets]

    And so on… down the league.

    Here’s my hometown team’s account: @BuccaneerTweets.

    An interesting concept. And one that I experimented a bit with the Lightning. I ran ours out of a list.
    Lightning Game Night.

    Noteworthy that Twitter has chosen to go with an account here and not a list. I wonder if there’s more to it than just the simple fact that lists are primarily for power users.

    Also, with lists, their history available by apps (even Twitter’s own) seems to be capped at around 6 or 8 hours where with accounts you can usually just keep scrolling back in time for days and days.

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    Tampa Bay Buccaneers use iPads as coaching tools 

    In one of my exit discussions with the Lightning, I told them that in five years or less they’d be doing this very same thing.

    Trash of iPad boxes from the Bucs recent mass purchase

    I had no idea the Bucs were already in the process of building it. Good for Raheem.

    From tampabay.com: Tampa Bay Buccaneers buy each player an iPad to hold playbook, videos

    …the Bucs have downloaded their playbooks on iPad 2s and distributed them to each of their 90 players.

    What’s more, players can use the tablet computer to reference video files of games, and practice and situational videos of any NFL team.

    Just about every player on the Lightning owned an iPad last season. The year before it was a PSP. But Vinny brought an iPad to training camp 2010 and everyone literally flocked around it to have a peek.

    There’s a lot of downtime while on the road and most of the coaches are usually watching video on laptops. Not only are the laptops bulky but moving from seat to seat on a plane with a running hard drive serving high quality video isn’t exactly the best thing for the long-term health of the machine.

    The next iteration on this will be training tools within the video.

    Take an iPad. Put video on it. And then create a Rosetta Stone-like app experience where the video runs to a point and the player has to make a choice (via finger gesture) of where the puck should go or who to cover around the net, etc. Sure, most players will still rather watch any of the recently released Hollywood movies they have stored on their tablet, but the ease of use and interactivity of such a coaching tool adds enough value to make it engaging for the player.

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    Great SEO writing from an unexpected place 

    I guess it shouldn’t be unexpected, because ProFootballTalk is probably the number one site for people looking for daily football news.

    And that goes for people both in and out of the industry. It’s pretty commonly known that many NFL folks read the site.

    Back on topic… their SEO writing is good.

    Look at where they place a link to the IndyStar story in this article:

    On the quote, “I think that’s a step back.”

    The same quote that is in the headline and in the slug, and subsequently gets put in their tweet.

    They could have wrapped the link in any part of that story, but they saved it for the quote.
    Well-trained writers / editors there, showing great focus on SEO.

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