Filtering Social Networks 

I put this up on G+ last week, but it probably deserves a place here since I still stand behind the whole ‘own your own content’ philosophy.

Finally figured out what G+ is for (at least to me).

The revelation comes from how I’ve trimmed my Twitter’s following list. I follow Om Malik but not GigaOm. I follow Danny Sullivan but not SearchEngineLand. On twitter, I follow people I don’t know but want to learn from.

On Facebook, I keep up with close friends and family.

It’s through Google Reader that I bring Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, the NY Times and all the other ‘brands’ into my life.

G+ has to make that experience better. Integrate it with Reader and add a layer on top. And bring it to the workplace. I don’t want to share on FB or TW most things I see in my Reader that interest me because the audience is wrong. But if my coworkers and peers were all here, it would make sense.

Twitter is for following. Facebook is for family. G+ is for work.

And in the days that have passed since writing this, I’ve found myself curating my main twitter news feed even more in this direction (people over brands).

I’ve even gone so far as to consider unfollowing TechCrunch as I’ve been skipping past their stuff more and more as I continue to rely more on Reader to scan through their headlines (I’ll still follow @parislemon though).

And the whole ‘Brands and social media’ discussion took another turn today when Amber Osborne reminded me at lunch over what a local Tampa company called UNation is building over at their offices just north of my home town of Temple Terrace.

In sum, I truly believe right now that people will continue to connect with individuals more as digital social media has a chance to settle in to their everyday lives and brands will be pushed into a corner of their digital social experience.